Weight Loss Program:
  • "I found Alisa very pleasant, helpful and down to earth. She provided simple advice and great encouragement. The regular weekly visit was very helpful and the program was value for money... The weight loss program was manageable for me and I have since lost a further kilo (and kept it off)" - Judith

  • "I would recommend it to anyone. I have had a very positive experience" - Jennifer Mathey


  • "The symptoms I was experiencing prior to first attending have reduced 75%. I feel the treatment has healed my damaged system and addressed the source of the problem" - David Coleman


  • " Very thorough, realistic and worked with you to meet your health goals... Settled a bloated and upset stomach from a long use of medication from ongoing illness" - Melissa 


  • My first vist for a colonic session, I was unsure about how things would go. I was very pleased with the services and information given, I was more relaxed after speaking to Diedre" - Sharon McIntyre


  • "The initial consultation process with Diedre was very comprehensive. It is great to see such a "wholistic" approach and to get some answers as to why I have certain symptoms/problems" - K.W


  • "I have suffered chronic sinusitis for many years - usually ending up with secondary chest infections, etc - requiring medications. With the improvement of my immune system and holisitic approach to wellness I have been pain free, more energetic and enjoy my lifestyle of sports and social activities far better!" - Liz O'Connor


  • "I find the clinic and staff very friendly, helpful and enthusiastic towards myself and my health... I have a lot more energy, I sleep better at night as I no longer feel bloated, uncomfortable or burning in my chest" - Jenni