Detox: The Ultimate Transformation.

Detox: The Ultimate Transformation

Is it Time To Detox?

Ok, so for many of you who know me, know that this is my favourite time to detox. For those of you who have yet to experience the wonders of detoxing or are very unsure about what is involved, then please read on as I'm sure you will find this blog interesting.

So what's the deal with Detoxing you might ask. Are you feeling sluggish, hormonal or overweight. Do you frequently experience digestive symptoms such as constipation, wind or bloating, or are you in pain?

A detox is the best place to start to alleviate many of these symptoms.

- Your body is constantly detoxing every minute of every day, to help eliminate toxins and help restore balance to your body.

- Your body is constantly exposed to environmental and dietary toxins as well as the toxins created internally through normal metabolic processes.

Unfortunately the toxins that our body is exposed to on a daily basis grows everyday and it is becoming harder for our detoxification processes to cope with this extra burden. A detox program such as my integrated detox program is designed to assist the body's natural detox processes.

It can be very confusing for you to know what is the best program as so many are now available. As a naturopath, I understand that it is important to always do a detox program that offers you professional support and the correct herbal and nutritional supplementation. I would avoid the really extreme programs that involve long fasting periods and very limited food. If it sounds weird then it most likely is not a sound program.

Do I need to detox?

Ask yourself the following questions and check out the list below to see if you can relate to any of the symptoms or factors that indicate a need to detox.

  • Do you want your body to effectively and efficiently eliminate toxins?

  • Do you want to look and feel healthier?

  • Do you want to improve your energy, focus and stamina?

  • Do you want to be able to lose weight more effectively?

Have you noticed any signs and symptoms that indicate your body maybe suffering from the burden of toxins?

Signs that indicate you may need a Detox Factors that increase the need to detox.

* Digestive complaints

* Skin Problems

* Hormonal imbalances

* Neurological conditions

* Poor Energy

* Weight gain or difficulty losingweight

* Food Intolerances

* General feeling of just not being healthy

* Exposure to pollution and chemicals

* Exposure to new car, home or furniture

* Smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption

* Diets high in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed and packaged foods

* Fertility and preconception care

* Overweight or obesity

What's Involved in a Detox?

Ok so I have developed my own integrated detox that is designed to meet your individual requirements. I have developed this program because I truly believe that a detox program is an essential component to getting your health back on track, and you feeling like you have a spring back in your step.

So weather you are a detox convert and enjoy all that this program offers or you are a detox doubtful, it's vitally important to understand what a comprehensive detox actually looks like and what it involves. This ensures you get the most out of your detox, and don't fall victim to regimes that promise you the world---- but leave you hungry, out of pocket and feeling no better than when you started.

So my professionally designed integrated detox program comprises two main aspects

1. It reduces the toxic burden on your body, lessening your exposure to harmful everyday toxins by modifying your diet and lifestyle; and

2. Offers strategically selected natural herbs and nutrients able to support healthy toxin elimination, whilst also increasing your bodies resilience to toxins for the future.

1. Reducing the toxic burden

The 1st step in my program is to follow a specific diet that is outlined in the program, with a simple list of food to enjoy and what to eliminate. Typical foods that are temporarily removed from your diet include:

  • wheat/gluten

  • dairy, caffeine,

  • sugar and alcohol.

  • Packaged and processed foods are also eliminated.

Restricting these foods helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress within your body, lessening the demand on your liver and other detoxification organs.

I also recommend identifying and addressing area's in your environment that my increase your toxin burden, e.g. plastics used in your home that interfere with your hormonal balance, synthetic skincare and make-up, unfiltered water, and home cleaning products. Using your detox program as a time to switch over to natural alternatives is a fantastic opportunity to reduce your toxic burden ongoing, for lasting benefits beyond your detox time frame.

2. Support toxin elimination and increase your body's resilience to toxins.

Whilst eliminating the items that increase toxic burden, it is important to boost your body's capacity to detoxify.

Focusing on a diet that is rich in plant based wholefoods e.g. colourful vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, eggs, nuts and seeds is ideal for supplying the body [especially the liver] with the nutrients required to support detoxification. Enhancing this process with dry skin brushing, sweating such as sauna's and exercise and drinking plenty of pure water also is important.

As I mentioned earlier appropriate supplementation is an integral part of my program, specific herbal and nutrients greatly assist and amplify your body's detoxification capacity and play a vital role in healing and restoring the function of these often neglected organs. The main organs focused on in my detox are the gut/liver and kidneys along with lymphatic support.

As we are all unique, so it is vital that a tailored approach to detoxification is done. My program offers you a tailored program taking into account your specific needs, ensuring your goals are addressed and you get results.

So January and February are the best months to take the detox plunge. Give me a call and I will be happy to chat to you about your specific needs and answer any questions you might have. Ph 0429463726