8 Back to Basics - Wellness Diet and Eating Guidelines

Wellness Diet and Eating Guidelines

My top 8 tips on how to eat well, choose wisely and stay healthy.

If it's one thing I've learnt over my 20 years as a Naturopath, it's that the secret to eating well and consistently staying on track with a diet you choose, is to keep it simple!!

It's more confusing than ever now, knowing which is the right diet for you - and yes, specific diets maybe necessary if you have health needs that require a more specific diet. However this Back to Basics 'Eating for Wellness guidelines' is more about some simple to follow guides that can assist you on eating healthy, lean and clean food. It makes eating healthy easy to achieve so you're more inclined to keep on track long term. It's what we do consistently over time that makes all the difference.

Now this list is not new information and it's what I advise my clients in consultations all the time. So, my goal for you all is that you can take these tips and improve your diet simply and consistently.

Why Back to Basics with your diet?

We really are what we eat. The food we eat can either give our body the nutrients it needs, making us feel amazing, full of vitality and protect our long term health, or it can contribute to our poor health, lowered energy and increasing waistline. The food you choose is either promoting health or causing disease.

The food we choose is important but so is the amount we eat. In Australia we are eating way more calories than we need. The number of calories we burn verses the number of calories we consume can be the key to keeping our weight in check.

To help keep you on track you can download my 8 Back to Basics Eating Guidelines (simply click on the picture to download a printable PDF) - use this as a reminder of what to do regularly.

The Back to Basics Wellness Diet is a guide for you to choose wisely the foods you eat as well as how much to eat. This diet is based on The Mediterranean Diet, the most researched diet on maintaining health.

Click to download the Wellness Diet

Knowing what foods are clean or contain toxins and or pesticides can be a little daunting. Download my Dirty 12 guideline and or pocket guide to use when shopping (click on pictures to download printable PDF format) The dirty 12 is an indication of which foods are likely to have more pesticides. These foods are totally fine to eat but it is recommended to when possible purchase these organically or grow them yourself, there is nothing like the enjoyment of food that you have grown and nurtured yourself.