Back to Basics to Bring back Balance

I know its a bit of a catchy heading, but 2018 is going to be all about getting back to basic health concepts, so that we can all find some balance in our lives.

Personally for me I was glad to wave 2017 goodbye.

I felt very out of balance last year and found myself constantly trying to get more calm and balance into my life, without much success.

Many of you have expressed similar thoughts and already in the first couple of weeks of January have declared 2018 your year to focus on your health and to find that balance.

So my light bulb moment was to introduce a series of BLOGS that are going to help you achieve this. My aim is to to keep it simple and easy by bringing back basic concepts around food, exercise and emotional wellbeing.

Do you find that you start out all fired up with all these amazing new plans for changing your life, but eventually it becomes all too hard or your enthusiasm wanes as life gets busy again. If "yes" then I hope these BLOGS will help keep you on track.

Over the next few months keep an eye out for my tips, ideas and thoughts as well as helpful tools and support links that will simplify and keep things simple so that you can improve your health, wellness and vitality and have more balance in all areas of your life, whilst still leading a full and busy life.

So where do we start?

In order to get balance into our lives, its a good idea to take a quick overview of how your lifestyle choices maybe impacting your health and wellbeing. The simple Self Perception questionairre will help give ypu an idea on any areas that you may need to focus on to gain the balance you need. It will be different for everyone. To downlaod this questionairre click the following link Self Perception Questionairre

To get you started I have produced a simple guide called 'The Basic 8' for 2018 to help you get started. The full Basic 8 will be explained in my next BLOG but you can print off this handy infographic below to pop on your fridge as a easy to use daily reminder. Simple click on the image to download.

Remember this is back to basics so some of these tips will be basic but do not under estimate how sometimes the really simple things done regularly can have the biggest impact.

Im excited about bringing my 'back to basics' to ypu and would love your feedback, ideas and your wins.