Better Living through Detox

Better Living through Detox

Most of you would have heard me talk about how I love to implement detoxification into my treatment plans and many of you would have done one of programs and know the benefits you receive from them. There is a lot of hype lately in the media about detoxing being a waste of time and have very little value. I question this and with this blog, I want to reiterate the importance of giving your body a supported, comprehensive detox at least once every year.

Whats the big deal about Detoxification:

Detox is a term you have no doubt heard from myself but it's also on all media platforms, magazines and even possibly the gym you attend. You may ask yourself why should I detox? Detoxification is your body's natural process of changing dietary and environmental toxins into less harmful substances before eliminating them from your body.

What I find amazing about a detox program is that it supports this natural process and in my experience I see a general overall improvement in digestive health, improved weight loss and reduce other seemingly unrelated symptoms such as sore joints, painful periods, headaches and fatigue. Even if you are fit and well, for many of you a regular detox leaves you feeling more energized whilst reducing toxic load.

Toxins in Daily Life

The term 'toxin' refers to any substance with the potential to interfere with normal cellular function, which can greatly impact on both short and long term health. You don't have to look very far to find toxins in our everyday living and in fact, the number of chemicals we are exposed to daily can be as high as 7000 different chemicals (yuck)!!!

There is not a single one of us (if there is you are very rare!) who does not either wear make-up, use hand cream, wash dishes, put petrol in the car, live in an urban environment where you breathe in invisible benzene and a myriad of other noxious chemicals, are exposed to out-gassing plastics, take the pain killing medication, use a printer, drink non-organic coffee, use laundry powder and maybe, just maybe you do not wash every single vegetable in a white vinegar solution before it passes your lips.

No matter how hard you try to live 'Clean and Green', it is unlikely that your lifestyle and environment is clean enough to maintain you in perfect health. So the best approach to offset these chemical nasties is to do a detox, but not just any detox you might find on the pharmacy shelf.

Professionally Designed Detox Program

I would like to invite you to consider my integrated 6 week detox program. My personalised program is based on many years of experience in detoxing, I tailor your program around your specific health history and you have the added benefit of professional support and advice from myself. This has a much greater impact on your detox capacity - helping promote long-term wellbeing beyond the duration of the program.

I love to offer my detox packages in Spring as its such as great time to step into a program after coming out of the cold winter. Check out my selection of packages on offer and take advantage of

the specials available. I would also love your comments on your own experience with detoxing or if you have any questions pop them into the comments box.

To book a consultation and or take advantage of one of our current detox packages, contact the clinic on 02 60210557.