Herbs to Help with Stress

Herbs to help with stress

Stress is one of the most common issues we see amongst our clients. Even if it’s not the reason for visiting the clinic, many of the people we see still note that they are experiencing some degree of stress in their life.

As naturopaths, we always take into consideration the impact that stress has on the body, as its’ affects are wide-reaching. We’ve got many options for helping to reduce the effects of stress and support the adrenal and nervous system, and these can include nutritional supplementation, herbal therapy or a combination of both.

A few of our go-to herbs include:

1. Chamomile: This amazing herb has been used for centuries to

help ease the mind and calm the butterflies in the stomach. It’s an extremely gentle herb and is the main herb we use to help children who show symptoms of restlessness or anxiety. It’s fantastic at settling the nervous system down and creating a sense of calm. It also has a mild sedating quality so it’s often seen in our individualised sleep formulas, and the reason we may suggest a cup of Chamomile tea about 30 minutes before bedtime.

2. Ashwagandha (also commonly known as Withania):

This herb comes from Ayurvedic wisdom and has been used for thousands of years to help ‘soothe the agitated mind’. It is classed as an adaptogen, which means its’ focus is supporting the nervous system. Due to the soothing and comforting effects, its actions are often described in clinic as a ‘mum-hug’.

3. Passionflower: This herbal remedy is known for helping those with higher levels of anxiety to sleep better, which is why it is often included in our sleep formulas alongside Chamomile.

4. Kava: This herb is a Polynesian wonder.

It is excellent for calming anxiety and whilst it is sedative in nature it doesn’t interrupt cognitive function. As the taste is not to everyone’s liking, our clinic typically stocks it in tablet form.

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