Love Your Liver

Love your LIver Weighing in at just over 1 kg, the liver is the largest internal and most metabolically complex organ, housing a complex chemical factory.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week; the liver is responsible for processing virtually everything you eat, drink, breath and come in contact with.

The liver looks after over 500 different functions. • It helps provide your body with energy • Fighting off infections and toxins • Produces clotting factors for the blood • Regulates hormones • Cleanses the blood • Regulates body cholesterol • Produces bile which aids digestion and eliminates toxic substances from the body • Regulates the supply of essential vitamins and minerals

What bogs your liver down? Your liver may not be able to function optimally if you’re exposed to any of the following: • Chemically sprayed crops • Poor diet • Prescription medication or antibiotic use • Drug use and unprotected sex • High stress levels and hormonal imbalances • Air pollution and environmental toxin exposure • Using chemical household and beauty products

How to take the stress off your liver: DIET: A low-sugar, whole food (preferably organic when possible) diet rich in antioxidants and fibre. Unrefined sources of carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats  When it comes to fat and protein in your diet, focus on quality sources so the liver can properly breakdown fats and remove excess cholesterol and toxins

The worst foods for your liver include: • Too much alcohol or caffeine • Packaged goods that contain refined vegetable oils, artificial ingredients, sweeteners and colours • Fruits and vegetables heavily sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides • Factory-farmed animal products or farm-raised fish • Sugary drinks and snacks • Refined grains

REDUCE STRESS: High amounts of chronic stress – which can be caused by emotional issues, relationship problems, and holding on to guilt, anger or shame – all have an impact on your endocrine, reproductive, digestive and immune systems.

MOVE YOUR BODY MORE: Because the liver stores and processes your blood, circulation is important for allowing its cleansing effects to unfold. The body can become stagnant and more susceptible to disease when blood isn’t flowing, but during physical activities, the heart pumps more blood. The liver is then able to release blood to your brain, organs, tendons, joints and muscles.

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