Pressures on the body

Pressures on the body

Sometimes when we think we’re moving forward in this fast-paced world of innovation, we’re actually moving backwards.

Forty or so years ago one income was enough to support a family plus pay off the mortgage. Now, financial pressures are growing everywhere, not only thanks to increases in the cost of living, but also due to a more consumerist society (e.g.: everyone else has a smart phone, so I want one too!).

Pressure is also gaining on our kids. They are being constantly pushed to learn and achieve more and by being monitored by regular testing. Throw in some school ground and the now common practice of cyber bullying; their experience of school is very different from that of their parents. In clinic, we are seeing a fair number of teenagers either dropping out of school or having really low attendance rates due to exhaustion,

our kids are stressed too and we tend to forget this.

As we all try and fit more into every day, our sleep suffers too. Today, people are averaging ~6 hours per night. This low amount of sleep is often accompanied with trouble getting to sleep due to mind chatter, waking up during the night and people are often finding themselves waking up still really tired.

Adding to the increase in poor quality sleep, you also need to factor into the equation the pollutants and chemicals that exert a different kind of pressure on the body. Processed foods and car pollutants are just 2 sources of the toxins that we regularly consume and inhale. They weaken our immune systems, leading to chronic diseases and put further stress on our bodies.

To some extent, all that extra stress and pressure is here to stay; unfortunately we can’t flick a switch and slow down the world. There are however many different ways in which we can begin to recover from there pressures and cope with life better.

Small changes can have a big impact on our lives and can reduce the stresses on our bodies. Improving your diet, taking some time out for yourself using relaxation techniques or physical outlets such as exercising and avoiding stimulants such as caffeine are all fantastic steps.

Here at Naturally Dynamic Health, we can also provide nutritional and/or herbal supplements to help provide adrenal support, improve energy levels, gain better quality sleep and assist your body in recovering from periods of significant stress.

If you feel like you need help coping with the impact of stress and would like to improve certain aspects of your health, please contact the staff at Naturally Dynamic Health on (02) 6021 0557.