Do I need a detox?

Do I need a detox?

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins are a daily reality. They can be ingested through your food, breathed in through the air, absorbed through your skin and are even created within your body as a result of normal metabolic processes. Thankfully, the body is capable of eliminating these toxins from the body, via the two main elimination organs which are your liver and your kidneys. Both of these organs work to filter substances from your blood and body fluids and prepare them for excretion.

A question that is commonly asked is: If the body is designed to detox naturally, why would you need to do a detox program? There are several reasons (some are listed below) as to why a person may choose to complete a detox, but the main reason is that for most people they could have a toxic load within their body that is not currently capable of dealing with. Most of the toxins that our bodies have to deal with on a daily basis such as car exhaust, additives and preservatives in our food, chemicals in the drinking water, chemicals in home cleaning products and self-care products and so on did not exist less than 100 years ago. If you are living in the modern world – your body could use some help with the toxic load.

A well designed detox program should be one that supports the innate function of your detoxification systems. It’s really about giving your body a boost and supporting your detoxification channels so they function more efficiently, not about getting it to do something it is not already doing.

Take this quiz: Below are eight signs that indicate that your body is asking for a detox. If you check off one or more of these signs – it may be time to consider a detox and help your body out!

  • Constant Food Cravings: Are continually dealing with food cravings and find it difficult to regulate your eating?

A detox can help regulate your system. Many foods are designed to be addictive and one of the easiest ways to get over the addictive effect is to eliminate them from your system for a period of time.

  • Chronic Inflammation: Is your body in a chronic and constant state of inflammation?

It may be a sign that your body is overloaded. If your body is bogged down with toxins, your body won’t have the resources to properly deal with inflammation. It could also be a sign that there are substances within you system that is causing the inflammation that need to be cleared out.

  • Sluggish Digestion: Do you have bowel motions at least once per day?

If you are finding that you are not eliminating at least once per day, you may need a detox. An efficient digestive system should be releasing waste consistently, with no straining or delay. Most people are not eliminating properly and that can lead to a build up of waste in the system which can produce toxins that can be re-absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, if you are noticing incomplete breakdown of your food in your stools, this can be a sign that your digestive system needs a break and a boost.

  • Poor Moods: Are you struggling with low level anxiety, mood fluctuations, short temper or just a general lack of emotional wellbeing?

It could be time for a detox. We often store our emotions in our bodies and if we are not fully releasing those emotions, they can become stagnant and stuck. On overly toxic body can also lead to improper neurotransmitter function which can affect your moods. If your elimination organs, in particular the liver, you may be dealing with blood sugar imbalances that can lead to poor moods as well.

  • Mental Fog: Are you experiencing “brain fog” and poor short term memory?

Decreased ability to focus, lack of clear thinking, memory loss and other cognitive symptoms can all be linked to a toxic overload in the body. When your body is clean and clear your mind will generally follow suit.

  • Poor Sleeping Habits: Are you struggling to get to sleep or staying asleep?

If your sleeping habits are all over the place it could be that your body needs a little reset to help it return to a proper sleep pattern. The liver is very active between 1 – 3 am, so if you’re finding that you often wake up during this time of night it could be a sign that the liver is sluggish and struggling.

  • Weakened Immune System: Have you been constantly battling infections through the winter season?

If you find that you’re catching every bug that is going around, the reason may be that your body is dealing with an excess of toxins and just doesn’t have the strength to allocate additional resources to fight infection elsewhere. So being sick frequently does indicate that your body has become an environment that facilitates the growth of bacteria and viruses.

  • Fatigue and Constant Energy Crashes: Are you having a hard time getting up in the morning, dragging yourself around most of the day and in dire need of that afternoon cup of coffee to avoid falling asleep?

It may be time for a detox. You should feel good and have constant energy throughout the day and if this is not the case, you may need a cleanse

Spring is almost here and It is the perfect time to do a detox, particularly after we’ve been breathing in poor indoor air quality, had less sunlight, and perhaps gotten less activity than usual, but you can do a detox any time of the year. We also have a great detox promotion for September so make sure you check out our offers page. If you think that it might be time for a detox, contact the staff at Naturally Dynamic Health on (02) 6021 0557. They can further assess your situation and support you on a detox program that is most suitable for you.