Prevention is better than cure!


With one month of winter passed and two more to go, I wanted to follow up for our last blog "Winter is here" with some useful tips that are a part of our winter immune prevention program to help protect yourselves from the dreaded winter sniffles; minimising the impact it can have on your energy levels and life during the colder months.

Good Bugs, Good Gut, Good Immune System

The human intestinal tract contains over 70% of the adaptive immune system and provides protection against many invading organisms. Certain bacteria, which are naturally found in the human digestive tract, have been shown to have supportive benefits by improving gut function and stimulating immunity. This in turn may increase resistance to infectious illness and other immune disorders. A good quality probiotic is an essential addition to peoples supplement regime, especially in the elderly and those with compromised immune function, in order to reduce the risk of developing a winter illness.


Vitamin D is not Just for Bones

Vitamin D is widely recognised for its part in calcium uptake and bone health, whoever it also has numerous other roles including modulating the immune system. Vitamin D plays an essential role in immune function, specifically in the defence against infections as it stimulates the immune cells actions against foreign microbes. Studies show doses between 1000 - 2000 IU help reduce the incidence of colds and flu.

Zinc Prevents Infections

Zinc plays an integral role in the maintenance and functioning of the im


Hopefully these tips will help you survive the rest of winter - if you feel that you might need help during the winter months give us a call at the clinic on (02) 6021 0557 and we'll be happy to help

you achieve optimal health during the chilly season.

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