Can a Naturopath Help Me?

Are you somewhat confused, or don’t really understand what a naturopath actually does, then let me help you to try and get some understanding. Every naturopath is slightly different in the approach and treatment that they might choose. This is largely due to their personal beliefs and choices of modalities that they choose. Despite these small differences all naturopaths will have the same understanding of the principle and practices that are the essence of naturopathy.

Naturopathy practice can be traced backed to the middle ages, where herbs and diet were the basis of healing. Today natural therapies and naturopathy are growing in popularity, with more people choosing a more natural approach to their health.

So what is it that we do? Essentially naturopaths focus on restoring health, when your health had deteriorated. Optimising your health where good health already prevails, and preventing or slowing of your health as it gradually deteriorates.

Your naturopath will approach your health in a holistic way which will essentially cover the six main principles of naturopathy.

  1. Naturopaths understand the healing power of nature and that our bodies have an innate ability to heal its self. This understanding is the cornerstone to a naturopaths approach. It is our role to support and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal, focusing on nature, environment, diet, exercise, sleep, and relaxation as examples.

  2. Identifying and treating the cause is essential to our treatment focus. There is a basic understanding that all illness must have a cause, and if health is to be restored then identifying and removing this cause is priority. In medicine too much emphasis is placed on only removing the symptom with either drugs or surgery. The symptoms that you have are a sign post that something is not right, by suppressing or ignoring these vital signs we risk the chance to get to the more critical cause

  3. Naturopaths will treat you as a whole person rather than the problem that you present with. We take time to understand who you are and how your body works. We recognize that the interplay of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and family all play a role in health and disease. We take the time to get to know you, and what it is you wish to achieve.

  4. Finally naturopaths aim to cause no harm, we look to balancing and supporting your health, we act as teachers and help you take control of your health, and finally we focus on prevention as a means to maintain health, rather than waiting till illness presents.

As I mentioned earlier all naturopaths will treat slightly different to each other. My approach is to gain a strong understanding of you and your health through a comprehensive appointment. I use a large range of special tests to gain a wider understanding of your problem, and use several modalities to help restore health.

These include:

Specific nutritional advice to help restore balance, detoxify and prevent disease.

Herbal medicine is used to treat and support specific conditions.

Flower essences to help restore emotional wellbeing.

Homeopathy helps to manage symptoms.

Diet and lifestyle advice, for short and long term benifits.

Naturopathy is suitable for all ages and it can help with a large variety of illness and conditions. Naturopathy can help you prevent disease by giving you and your family sound advice around diet, stress management and exercise. If you are considering seeing a naturopath for the 1st time my advice is give it a go, as I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how they can help you.

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