Recurrent Childhood Infections

Many children today experience recurrent, chronic and/or persistent infections such as upper respiratory infections (URI's), digestive infections (gastro, rotavirus), and middle ear infections. The common cold, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis and tonsillitis are some of the most common infections your child will encounter.


Typically children experience on average approximately 3-8 respiratory infections a year. This is very common in children under the age of 5. Whilst it is common for children to develop acute infections as their immune systems develop, it is a problem when they become recurrent and chronic.

If your child is constantly suffering from infections and just not recovering, don't despair, natural therapies can help support your child through this stage.


How Naturally Dynamic Health Can Help

Natural approaches can help with the symptoms with herbs and nutrients so your child deals with the infections easier.


As well as symptom relief, natural therapies will correct immune imbalances and strengthen a weakened immune system.


Take a pro-active approach to your child's immune health and consult one of our qualified Naturopaths. By making some simple changes to your child's diet and taking appropriate nutritional and herbal support, you can reduce the number of infections your child has.


Speak to us about the best way to manage and prevent infections such as colds and flu's.

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