Preconception care is a program to optimise natural fertility and it’s definitely the best gift to give your unborn child.  It is the ultimate preventive medicine.

Preconception care focuses on both the potential mum and dad as both are equally important when making a baby, and healthy fertility occurs when health of both parents is optimal.

Everything you eat, drink, experience or are exposed to will impact on your fertility. Preconception Care supports, acknowledges and considers absolutely all variables that maybe impacting on your health and the potential health of your baby.

Naturopaths will focus on healthy diet, lifestyle choices, enviromental toxins and their impact, stress levels and correct nutruitional deficiencies.

During Preconception Care potential problems with fertility are often identified and corrected. However, if there are issues and futher help is required, preconception care can help with all fertility assisted programs.

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