Naturally Dynamic Health offers a variety of different treatments, below you will find a description of each. For more information please refer to each treatments page.

Naturopathy is concerned with treating the whole person and the underlying cause rather than just dealing with the symptoms. Naturopathy regards health as a positive state of physical and mental wellbeing rather than disease.



Mora detects these disturbances by tapping into its energy circuits and determines the specific measurement of the vitality of organs and systems.




“Since seeing Diedre I have alot more energy, I sleep better at night and I no longer feel bloated or uncomfortable. Each visit has been a happy, comfortable and relaxing experience"


“I have been very happy with the overall treatments, especially the MORA therapy, concerning my chronic back pain. I no longer take pain relief medication. I am albe to cope with everyday life at home and at work. I have a happier disposition, more motivation and I amore relaxed with myself. I would recommend this clinic to anyone!"


At Naturally Dynamic Health we offer 3 levels of care.


1. Symptomatic Care

2. Corrective Care.

3. Wellness and Longevity Care

We do this so as to help you receive the best care that is right for you.


Symptomatic Care

Symptomatic care is designed to help you with a more urgent or acute condition. It is a shorter consult of 30 minutes and we address only the condition that is bothering you. After your consultation, your naturopath will prescribe you with herbs or nutrients to help relieve the symptoms and provide support as necessary. With this consultation the drivers or underlying causes are not explored and only your symptoms are addressed.

This type of consult would suit any acute condition such as cold and flu's, urinary tract infections, gastroenteritis, ear infections, or any other infections. It is often suited to children and teenages.

It could be also a stepping stone to a more involved consult where a more in-depth investigation is required. This leads us to our 2nd type of consultation.


Corrective Care

This is by far our most popular level of care as it is aimed at addressing the underlying drivers and triggers to your current health issues. With this level of care your appointment is for 1 hour where our naturopath takes an in-depth history that looks at current and past health issues, also you will be asked questions about all aspects of your heath  that may include but not exclusive  of digestion, sleep, stress levels, family history, reproductive history, cardiovascular health, mental health, immune health as a few examples. Your naturopath will also inquire about your current lifestyle such as diet, stress management, exercise, substance use.


As well as the interview you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire regarding physical symptoms , expectations and your health goals.


If more information is required then your naturopath may request further testing such as blood tests from your doctor, or more involved tests such as saliva hormone tests, allergy testing hair mineral analysis plus others if indicated. This is not usually done on the initial consult and only if deemed totally necessary.


All this information is necessary to establish a good understanding of you as a whole person, not just what your current health issues is. It's about getting as much information as possible so that  your naturopath can  design a detailed treatment plan that will address your current health issues as well as correcting all possible underlying causes. Your treatment plan will include information on diet, lifestyle and stress management plus appropriate herbs and nutrients to address any deficiencies, plus provide relief and treat your underlying issues. This plan empowers you to take back control of your health.


This  initial corrective care consult is designed as a fact finding process so that all relevant information can be assessed and then your treatment plan will be provided at your next 30 minute consult  that we call Report of Findings. Your naturopath will provide your with some initial treatment mostly to help with your symptoms.

This type of consult is designed for all health issues but particularly if you have had the problem for a longer time frame and it is more chronic, symptoms such as fatigue, chronic immune issues, including autoimmune conditions. hormonal related conditions, digestive issues, anxiety and depression just to name a few. Basically most health issues will have hidden causes that will need to be addressed.


Wellness and Longevity Care

This level of care is our most exciting as it is designed to keep you well after you have made all your necessary changes outlined in corrective care. This program keeps you well and on track. We usually touch base a few times per year to check in on how you are going. Sometimes life throws things at us and we can get off track, this program can nip any issues quickly in the bud before they have any major impact on your health. This program is an investment in your health and longevity.