New Client Consultation:  1 hour -        $120.00

Follow-Up Consultations: 30 Minutes - $85.00

                                              Extended -   $120.00

Smoking Treatment:         30 Minutes - $120.00​

MORA Therapy

Mora Therapy was created by Dr Franz Morell and Electronics Engineer, Mr Erich Rasche. It is a highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic machine, combining acupuncture and homeopathy. Any injury burden or distrubance to the bodies energy system can effect its function so illness and disease may result. Mora Therapy helps return the body to healthy functioning. All physical symptoms begin with subtle changes in the body's energy system. If this is unchecked then the symptoms could develop into a physical illness.

The Mora detects these disturbances by tapping into its energy circuits and determines the specific measurement of the vitality of organs and systems. Some may indicate deficiency, some inflammation, but once detected, Mora will bring balance to all readings by the end of the consultation. This is done by cancelling out the unbalanced energy patterns within the body which stimulates the body's own inate healing potential. Negative or pathological energy waves are neutralised and amplification of healthy energy waves are generated. Specific homeopathic remedies are also tested and used to support and bring the body into balance.

What is involved in a Mora Treatment?

You are connected to the Mora by placing your feet on gold plated foot plates and you hold 2 gold plated handles in each hand.

Consultations are divided into 3 parts.

1. Basic therapy - this helps to balance most of the body's unbalanced energy systems.

2. Point testing - this step involved touching a pen like stylus on specific points on your fingers and toes - these readings determine burdens, inflammation or degeneration of your organs and body systems. This helps Diedre to assess the priority needs and root cause of the problem.

3. Treatment stage - specific programs are utilised depending on what is discovered in the point testing to help rebalance the body's energy system.

Specific homeopathics are utilised during this session to enhance the healing. Individual, specialised drops are then made so that you can continue the effects of the treatment between visits.

You may be asked to supply some saliva, urine or a drop of blood to further individualise the treatement.

Finally, any vitamins, mineral, herbs or allopathic medicines are checked for compatability to ensure they are beneficial and supporting the person.

It is also common for you to be given recommendations for specific nutritional supplements, herbal formulas and dietary and lifestyle guidelines. This further enhances the healing process.

What Conditions does Mora Therapy benefit?

Mora Therapy is extremely versatile and benefits a wide range of conditions, provided no irreversible destruction of body tissues has occured. The therapy has shown especially good results with food and chemical allergeis, environmental poisonings and acute inflammation like colds and flus, sinus, hayfever, asthma, infections in children, metabolic disturbances (thyroid, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, pain, digestive problems, auto immune conditions, pre and post operative care, excellent with detoxification programs, immune problems and fatigue, poor concentration, poor sleep.

What do I need to do to have a Mora treatment?

- Don't drink coffee 24 hours prior to treatment.

- avoid hand and foot creams, moisturisers or perfumes and aftershaves before coming in.

- Please bring all current medications and supplements with you.

- Drink plenty of water prior and after your treatment.

- Initial consultation is for 1 hour.

- Follow up treatments are 1/2 hour.

- Extended appointments are often needed

- Most people require between 6 - 8 treatments especially if the problem has been an issue for some time and more chronic.

- Acute conditions often only require 1 - 2 treatments.

- Follow up appointments are generally monthly.