Sleeping issues are a common problem in Australia. 1.2 million Australians are estimated to experience some degree of sleep poblems. Are you one of them?


There are many different classifications of insomnia, so each and every one of us may present differently.


Good quality sleep is recognised as necessay to maintain good health, however life is filled with events that may cause occasional insomnia in all of us. If this goes on for a long period of time then our health is likely to be effected. You may have trouble getting to sleep, or you may wake far to early.  Or do you find that you wake tired despite a good nights sleep.


When we dont sleep well or we dont sleep long enough you will generally feel tired, have trouble concentrating and you may become depressed or anxious, you can be irritable, and not perform at your best. Often your body will ache and you can suffer from headaches. Does this sound like you?


Naturopathy considers slepp to be a reflector of your emotional, mental and physcial self. Good quality sleep is a time when the body can relax, recharge and repair.


Improving your sleep requires a comprehensive assessment of  all of these areas to identify your triggers thus allowing necessary modifcations to be made where needed.

You can look forward to a good nights sleep again.


How NDH can help:

Uncovering causative psychological and physiologic factors help determine the type of treatment most suitable for each individual. This may include dietary and lifestyle changes as well as herbal and supplemental therapy.


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