Happy Healthy Kids - Naturopathy for Children

As parents, we want our kids to have the best opportunities to reach their real potential. It doesn't matter which area of life you think of, either school or with sports or hobbies. In order to be their best, they need to be healthy.


When children are healthy then they are happy and ready to take on the world! At Naturally Dynamic Health, our Naturopaths are skilled in managing most childhood illnesses and can tailor a treatment plan to your child's individual needs.


Naturopathic protocols cover both acute conditions and chronic/ongoing problems. It is also important to note that our Naturopaths will refer on to doctors if they feel that more specific treatment is needed.


All Kids Are Special

Our kids have different health needs and requirements than adults, they are not just little versions of us. They are physiologically different in the way their bodies work compared to ours. Because of this, their treatments such as dietary requirements, immune support, gut support, emotional support and general health support requires specific nutrition and herbal prescriptions. Adult treatments will not work. Our Naturopaths are trained in children's health issues and are able to offer this more specialised management.


Is Your Child Sick Regularly?

At Naturally Dynamic Health we understand the specific requirements for your child's health. Check out this list, these are some of the issues that our Naturopaths can assist with:


* Allergies and asthma

* Attention deficit problems

* Colds and flu's, or recurrent infections

* Fussy eaters

* Growing pains

* Gut problems and gut pain

* Eczema

* Stress and anxiety

* Study stress

* Diet education and support

* Sleep issues


If you would like to know how a Naturopath is able to help your child realise their potential, get in touch with us at Naturally Dynamic Health. You can make an appointment online, email us or phone on 02 6021 0557