Gall Stones


Gall stones affect about 10% of the population in developed countries.

Gall stones consist of bile pigments, calcium and/or cholesterol, and form due to fat soluble waste, toxins and.or bile stagnating in the gallbladder. This stagnant 'sludge' accumulates and solidas may form and become gravel and/or stones.


Most people with gallstones never develop symptoms, but if they do, some common signs and symptoms may include:


* Digestive disorders due to fats being inadequately broken and absorbed. E.g. nausea, vomiting, flatulence, poor appetite, constipation and/or loose stools

* Pain immediately following meals, especially fatty meals

* Pain in the right upper abdomen, which may often radiate to the right shoulder blade and back

* Stools that are clay-coloured and/float


How NDH Can Help

Our practitioners can provide educational advice and support with changes in diet and lifestyle in order to avoid digestive disturbance from occurring and aiding digestive health to promote more effective liver processes and bile secretions


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