Stress/Anxiety:  While stress and anxious feelings are a common response to a situation where a person feels under pressure, it usually passes once the stressful situation has passed, or 'stressor' is removed. Anxiety is a symptom of excessive stress and occurs when these anxious feelings don’t subside. It’s a complex feeling of apprehension, fear and worry and is often accompanied by pulmonary, cardiac and other physical sensations. It’s a serious condition that makes it hard for a person to cope with daily life and can be extremely frightening and debilitating.

Our bodies are made up of a various systems and each of them has to potential to be negatively affected by too much stress and this is why at Naturally Dynamic Health we take the impact of stress on the body as being very important. Below are some examples that we see in clinic of the impact of stress on the body.

  • Nervous system: anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, insomnia, depression, mood swings, headaches and exhaustion

  • Cardiovascular system: Increases blood pressure, increases heart rate, palpitations, flushing, increases respiratory rate.

  • Digestive system: Suppression or increase in appetite, indigestion, poor absorption of nutrients, diarrhoea/constipation and an irritable bowel.

  • Immune system: Increased susceptibility to recurrent infections, eczema, asthma and autoimmune conditions

  • Reproductive system: Lowered libido, impotence and reduced fertility

  • Endocrine system: Imbalances in hormones including thyroid and sex hormones.


Exposure to chronic stress has been shown to contribute to increased free-radical damage on a cellular level; therefore stress is going to increase the rate we age.

How NDH can help:

Effective treatment helps people with anxiety to learn how to control the condition so it doesn't control them and minimise the impact that stress has on the body. The type of treatment will depend on the type of anxiety being experienced. Mild symptoms may be relieved with lifestyle changes (e.g. regular physical exercise). Where symptoms of anxiety are moderate to severe, herbal therapy and/or supplementation may be required.