Diedre Ellis


Diploma Naturopathy

Diedre Ellis has been practicing Naturopathy for over 15 years and was also a Registered Nurse for 25 years. Diedre is the owner of Naturally Dynamic Health, Albury


With her extensive experience Diedre is able to use her wealth of experience to help restore health and wellbeing to your body.


Diedre is very passionate about natural and science based medicines and is able to use a combination of both to help you reach optimal health and vitality.


Diedre has experience with a broad range of disorders, and has made it a priority to stay in touch with the latest research in the field of Natural Medicine and she continues to educate herself by regularly attending seminars in order to help her clients reach optimal health.


Diedre Ellis is passionate about helping people, like you, to achieve their maximum health potential, physically, mentally and emotionally. True health must be holistic and support improvement in all areas.


Diedre strongly believes in the body’s natural ability to restore good health, given the right set of circumstances. These often include good, sound nutrition, regular exercise and quality sleep, and a calm and contented life. When necessary, vitamin and mineral supplementation and the use of herbal therapeutics can also be used to support the optimum function of all body systems.


Diedre Ellis has great success in helping her clients with the following problems;


  • Digestive difficulties, including IBS, heartburn, reflux, bloating, constipation, leaky gut and malabsorption of nutrients.

  • Hormonal disorders, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, and thyroid abnormalities.

  • Pre-conception and conception care, pregnancy support, childhood and breast feeding issues.

  • Stress and anxiety disorders, insomnia, headaches, migraines, depression.

  • Fatigue including adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

  • Poor immunity including infections, sinus, allergies and auto immune conditions.

  • Childhood disorders including asthma, eczema, poor immunity, digestive issues, anxiety, sleep disorders as well as behavioral problems.

  • Support for cancer patients, both during and beyond medical treatment.


Diedre Ellis’s Professional Qualifications and Certifications:


  • Registered Nurse

  • Diploma of Naturopathy

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage

  • Advanced Hemaview Practitioner

  • BIA Cellular Health Analysis

  • Current First Aid

  • Member of ATMS Association

  • Registered with all major Private Health Funds

9 compelling reasons to choose Naturally Dynamic Health

1. Experience - Diedre has 25 years continual experience as a Registered Nurse working in Critical Care. Diedre has been practicing Naturopathy since 2000, she will not be practicing with your health. Proven methods have helped many people like yourself regain their health and wellbeing. 


2. Latest Technology - All consultations include the latest equipment & tests to assist in assessing your condition and progress, these include intensive health questionnaires, urinary indicant testing, pH testing, Zinc testing and computerised iridology.  Also available for more intensive screening is live blood analysis, Bio Resonance assessment with MORA, VLA Biologica Impedence Analysis and more.


3. Holistic Approach - We offer different levels of care. Symptomatic Care and Corrective Care. Symptomatic Care will look at relieving your symptoms using drug free, natural methods. Corrective Care offers a much more in depth approach where we address the underlying causes as well as addressing the symptoms. This allows you to decide your level of care.


4. Qualifications - Diedre, and staff are constantly updating their knowledge & skills by attending regular seminars and support sessions that keep practitioners  abreast with the latest in product and technical advances in Natural Medicine.


5. Comprehensive Product Range - We offer only the best quality products which are only available via practitioners. This ensures that you will receive quality, correctly formulated, bio available products that are far more superior to supermarket or pharmacy products, especially when they are prescribed for a specific purpose rather than self diagnosis which can be a hit and miss and therefore, expensive.


6. Comfort - Your comfort and relaxation are our priority. Come in and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a beautifully restored house in Central Albury. Your initial consultation takes and hour and will not be rushed.


7. Accurate Testing - It is important to not only assess your situation initially but to monitor your progress throughout your program. All testing that we do ensures accurate proof of your progress not just vague hearsay.


8. Newsletters and Mailouts - Regular newsletters are send out informing you of the latest health issues and solutions. It's packed full of relevant information and promotions. You also receive regular letters when you begin your program to keep you motivated and on track.


9. Continual Education - We offer free information evenings where a variety of topics are discussed and all your questions answered. These are fun, informal sessions and a great way to learn how natural therapies can help you.